Tom and jerry. 

I’ll keep this short and sweet. 

On Saturday I was having a nice relaxing day. My friend called over and we were watching films with baby. 
In comes the two cats to chill in the hall, they are fucking around more than usual. I look out to see a live mouse. 

Completely shit my pants. 
My hero friend jumps to action. Grabs the cats away and puts them upstairs. I follow them. 

She then chases a mouse around my house for over an hour. All I can hear are sofas been pulled and tables being moved. 

Finally after over an hour she gets the mouse out of the house. 

Down come myself and the two cats who can’t understand where the present they brought me is. 
Now anytime the cat flap goes I’m crapping it incase they have another mouse. 

Side note- so far this year I have had 5 mice and 3 birds brought to me. Why can’t they bring me a bottle of vodka or a box of chocolates. Ffs. 

Swear to fuck this shit doesn’t happen other people lol 

Surely not. 

So I have cats. Sadly our wee adventurous  one went missing whilst we were on holiday. Cross country road trips morning, noon and night. Hundreds of shares on Facebook and many many tears later he arrived home of his own accord. He was dirty, skinny and upset. 

Fast forward to now and he’s back to his usual self except a bit needy. Which is understandable. 

Yes this is going somewhere. Just stick with it lol 
Anyway. I also have a baby. He’s is mental, always on the move and very rarely naps in the day time. So you can imagine. (He can’t walk or crawl yet, so on the move attached to me) 
Anyway I decided a few weeks ago that it would be nice to do a wee exercise workout for mum and baby once a day. So I found an 18 minute one on YouTube. 
So there was me, mat on the floor, gyming gear on. Looking like something from flash dance. In comes the cat meowing and meowing while my baby is breaking his neck to look around at him whilst I’m holding him trying to do squats. 

Swear to god. You never get a minutes peace. 

He just needed petted by the way. So I had to pause work out video. Set baby down, pet cat. Pick baby back up and resume work out. At least 10 times. 

Baby thought this was hilarious. My back did not 

It’s been a while….

Hey to the one person reading this lol I haven’t posted in forever. 

Life just gets in the way lol 

So I’m currently not in work due to being on maternity leave so I’m finding it hard to have a good ol’ rant about work so I’m going to open this blog space up to just everything we wish we could say but we don’t. 

I realise that’s a broad topic but sure it’ll give me a laugh I’m sure. 
So I’m going to kick this off with positive people.  “I’ve worked so hard to rid the negativity from my life….. haters gonna hate” isn’t that statement in itself negative?! 

Why the hell do these people feel the need to tell us how positive they are? If you are a genuine positive person, do you really have to tell everyone you meet?

I don’t walk around all day being negative but I’m a realist. Sometimes shit things happen. You get angry, or upset and you have a bad week. Do I really need to set up a Facebook blog where I video myself crying telling everyone and their granny that even positive people cry?! Lmao 

Whatever floats your boat! I also know what I’m about to say next is a generalisation. Bur it’s just my opinion and what I have noticed. But half these people who post all this positive shite can’t actually cope in the real world. Most of the time they don’t have proper jobs, they don’t have children or responsibilities. So it’s easy to say you’re looking after your mental well being when you aren’t the one having to work to pay the bill from your shopping spree?! 

Anyway, to all of us normal cynical, moany, grumpy gits out there, “haters gonna hate” lol 

The salary. 

So this is a touchy one. But recently it has come to my attention that at the time I was promoted 4 males were hired and paid a higher salary than me. 

So how does that work? 

Why am I not worth as much as my male colleagues?

We have the same targets. 

The same standards to meet. 

The same expectations. 

So why are my efforts valued at less? 

I don’t know the answers to these questions yet. But I will certainly be asking them to my manager. 
It’s a bloody disgrace. 

It has been a while…

I haven’t posted anything in ages. I wish I could say that it’s because i found a love for my job. Or that I got a new one. 

I didn’t. 

So it’s almost Christmas. I know what I’m about to say makes me a huge c u next Tuesday. But I hate it. 

I love decorating my house, I love wearing my festive jumpers, I love present shopping. 

I just hate my god damn job at Xmas so much it make me want to curl up inside and die. 

I get no extra time off. Infact next week will be one of my busiest weeks. I’ll work the most hours. 

It will be a blurry fleet between work and bed. 

How sad and Pathetic is that?! 

What’s that? Why can’t I have time off? 

Well you see, I’m simply not allowed. Of course we are indirectly told this. But when an event has been arranged for all 6 days excluding Xmas day that you have to oversee how the fuck are you meant to get a day off?! 
I hate that on Xmas eve it will be my fault that some asshole can’t get a tub of sweets as the leaning tower of quality street has finally sold. 
I hate that they will moan that the 100 extra cases of cinnamon that set on display have disappeared leaving none. That I’ve personally ruined the mulled wine youve made for years. It’s my fault that an annual tradition has been ruined. 
I hate that it’s my fault the person in front grabbed the last 10 selection boxes and now little willy won’t have a stocking filler. 
Well do you know what?! I hate the fact I don’t get to fill my stockings or make my traditional mulled wine. Or sit down and eat my tub of sweets. 

Do you know why? Because I’m too busy listening to ungrateful asses winge and moan because they only finished work on the 21st and didn’t have time to sort all this as they were busy on Christmas nights out
So here’s to the real heroes at Christmas. The ones who miss out, the ones who work hard, long hours and crawl home with two sore feet knowing they’ll have to do it all again tomorrow.

The ones who don’t have a wage to reflect the work they do. 

While you’re all tucking in to your feasts on Xmas day. We will all be dreading the crap we will have to listen too on Boxing Day. 

P p p promotion.

This is a tough one. I’ve been promoted! Which is brilliant. Career wise, I’m at the top of the ladder in my job. The next step would be a field job. — no ta!
But, I just don’t know if I’m happy.
Ill have to try, only an idiot would walk away now. I think.

On a brighter note, I still want to kill them all. They’ll be working a lot harder now, I’m taking no prisoners.